Outdoor Rugs Designs

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If you are searching for that perfect outdoor rug then you have to decide what kind of design you want. Outdoor rugs are available in almost as many styles as rugs for the homes interior.

It’s important to know beforehand where your rugs will be placed. It’s also important to know what kind of foot traffic will we walking on the rugs. Your climate should also dictate what kind of brand you buy. It makes sense to get a the highest durable brand if you strong winters with snow. Or if you experience a lot of rainfall throughout the year.

Below is a list of some styles that could improve the appearance of your home.

  • Round outdoor rugs are great for an outdoor room that has has seating and other kinds of furniture. A round outdoor rug in this situation could be a style that is very nice because it will help make your outdoor room look much more attractive and comfortable. A Persian style will impress anybody including yourself. But you don’t have to splurge in order to have something lovely. Their are beautiful ones that are made in the USA and also from Belgium. Safavieh makes beautiful rugs and finding something that is made from woven polypropylene for a reasonable price should be no problem. Many sizes are available and if your your looking for something large then perhaps a 7′10″ to 9′4″ will suffice. As far as colors go then brown, olive, green, black and even white are available. White might not be the best color because of potential stains that might show. Sure you’ll be able to wash away the stains but why even invite such a possibility. These rugs are sold online and in retail stores. Walmart, Home Depot and Overstock all have nice collections. The best round outdoor rugs could very well be bought online for a good price if you search hard enough.
  • Polypropylene outdoor rugs are rugs that are made from a durable material called polypropylene. So it not a style but rather what outdoor rugs are made from. It is ideal for heavy traffic and for areas that are especially muddy. What is great about a polypropylene outdoor rug is that you can wash time and time again without damaging the rug itself. There are other materials such as plastic and bamboo but polypropylene is second to none as far as durability goes. And don’t think that the rugs using this material look cheap because this is not so. The newest designs are made with woven polypropylene making the rugs look just as good as the ones in rooms inside the house. You can use these outside of your home or you can use them indoors in rooms, basement or in home entrances.
  • Large outdoor rugs are best utilized if you have a large space to cover. This could be the patio or a section of your backyard. A 8 x 10 is a good size and a good brand will be fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant and stain resistant. It can even feel like a natural fiber such as cotton. If you have kids and it’s clean then you should worry about them rolling around the large outdoor rug.

Outdoor rugs brands are plentiful and I will list some of the most popular brands. Courtisan, DuraCord, Trellis, Andros, Damask, Cafe Tostado, Adelade and Casual Elements are just some of the name brands.

Read what people say about each brand and determine which is the right one for the inside or outside of your home. Some brands also offer longer warranties than others you’ll have to decide what is acceptable to you.

I would say the most important thing about outdoor rugs is their durability and how long they will last. Maybe you have other ideas but anyhow carefully read the details of any outdoor rug before you make a purchase.