Outdoor Braided Rugs

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Braided rugs are some of the most beautifully designed rugs that you will find. If you have one indoors then you know exactly what I am talking about.

The oval shaped ones are especially lovely and can placed right in the middle of the room, in the foyer and smaller ones can even be placed near entrance ways and doors.

So how would you feel if you can something very similar but only for outdoors? What do you think about having such a lovely rug in your backyard or on your patio or even on your porch.

If you like the idea then it’s just a matter of getting one because outdoor braided rugs are available and look just as beautiful as the ones that are designed for indoors.

Indoor/Outdoor – what’s the difference?

First let us know just a little about braided rugs that are designed for indoors and ones that are designed for outdoors.

Indoor braided rugs primarily use natural and synthetic materials. The combination could be cotton, wool, viscose and nylon. While the ones that are made for the outdoors are primarily made from polypropylene.

You may even read that they are made from naturalized polypropylene and this is simply a term to let you know that they are braided and made in way that will look braided rugs that are made with natural materials.

This is a good thing because we want the rugs to be braided and not simply glued even if they are synthetic. And generally the better brands such as colonial mills will offer the natural look.

You might also be interested in the variety that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. These are usually reversible and you can even choose a side for indoors and another side for outdoors. The benefit of this is if you feel you need an additional rug either inside the home or outside the home then the option is there.

Cablelock Construction

An additional term you might come across is cablelock construction and this signifies that the braids are braided in way where they won’t split or loosen.

This is a good thing so if you read it be happy. Pricing for these rugs will vary from anywhere from $25 to upwards of more than a thousand dollars. The size, brand and quality of the rug will essentially determine how much you will pay.

Oval and rectangle are not the only shapes available, you will also find runners, square and octagon shaped. You also won’t be disappointed with the array of colors. Bronze, rose red, black, brown, burgundy, federal blue, beige, off white, gray, olive, green, orange and yellow are just some of the colors you will find for outdoor braided rugs.