Multipurpose Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

There are many ways to add light to outdoor living spaces and most especially to areas like a deck.

Energy efficient solar deck lighting now adds an extra dimension to meet the needs of consumers on top of the many other outdoor deck lighting options on the market.

There are many uses for outdoor deck lighting which offer several benefits regardless of the scale, design and budget.

Outdoor deck lighting ideas run the gamut in style and functionality.

Outdoor deck lights can include many styles such as ensconced torches, lanterns, post lights, step lights, hurricane lamps, solar accent lights and LED lamps.

Usually these light sources are powered by means of electrical wiring or batteries. Oftentimes, battery powered deck lighting includes batteries that use solar panels to recharge themselves.

A multitude of deck lighting products are currently available from suppliers and come in a variety of price ranges, with many options being very affordable.

For example, deck accent lighting, including outdoor deck post lights, spot lights, flood lights, and well lights, are available in under one hundred dollar price range.

Pathway lighting in aluminum, brass, or copper are also under the one hundred dollar range.

LED lights are a very popular deck lighting choice. LED lights usually start at around fifty dollars and come in various types of fixtures, including post lights and pathway lights.

Even though LED lights use very little energy, some types do need hard wiring. So the cost of hiring an electrical professional to install them will be an added extra unless you have the knowledge to run electrical wiring yourself.

Solar-powered Deck Lighting

Another option is solar powered deck lighting. Do-it-yourself solar-powered light systems can be purchased for as low as twenty dollars.

Solar lights do not need wiring and cost nothing to operate. And since they are so easy to install on your own, there are no installation costs to contend with.

You can often find solar post cap lighting or solar accent lighting to use around the decking and deck area.

Benefits of outdoor deck lighting

There are many types of outdoor deck lighting options to consider, but all come with the benefit of providing an added level of security and safety.

Outdoor deck lighting is used to clearly define your deck area besides adding style and ambiance to your deck.

Adding a light source to the deck also makes it a more enjoyable living space in the evening hours. As an added benefit, accenting the deck with lighting can be an cheap way to personalize the area. The addition of outdoor deck lights can create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Deck lighting, as other types of outside lighting, continues to be one of the best ways to turn individual landscapes into unique works of art and design.

You can set your home apart from all others in your neighborhood with the right installation and positioning of exterior lights.