A patio adds value and enjoyment to any home

Part of patio design includes the things you have on and around the patio

If there is one thing Americans like to do in the summer time, it is to grill in their back yard. Many homes have patios for this reason, although the standard square concrete design or patio slab may leave something to be desired.

If you are thinking about re-doing your patio or building one from scratch, you have come to the right place!

Now is the time to gather some patio ideas and inspiration from us here at Outdoor Patio Expert.

If you want to make a patio like no other you should think about using materials such as flagstone, slate, stone, tile or brick. All these are great for creating something that can look like it is custom made for your house and back yard.

Building a patio that looks like it has had some thought put into it could make your home easier to sell down the line. As well as making it more enjoyable while you are living there.

Without a doubt, to have a beautiful home you need to pay attention to both the home itself as well as its surroundings. Part of patio design includes the things you have on and around the patio, as well as the surrounding landscaping.

You should be sure to put thought into that as well so that your whole backyard looks like it goes together.

Of course, you will need to perform constant upkeep to your yard and garden to keep it looking its best. Because if you don’t, it will take away from the design and it will look like you don’t care about what the yard looks like.

A patio can add value and enjoyment to any house

The patio is an extension of the house and in the summer lots of families spend many hours enjoying the great weather and the company of friends outdoors on their patio.

Any backyard patio design ideas you incorporate into the plan of your house can make a big difference in your enjoyment of the home and make it worth the extra investment.

So read on and get your plans started now, so you can enjoy your new patio throughout those summer months!

The Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

The outdoors can provide us many hours of beauty and relaxation. We love sharing conversations or meals sitting at our garden tables in sunlight or under garden lights. We love reading a book on our chaise lounge next to the pool or other outdoor patio furniture. This is exactly why finding the right outdoor furniture is quite essential.

Outdoor Furniture can bring a ton of pleasure with a whole new outdoor family and dining room area. The BEST outdoor furniture is the kind that looks good, lasts a long time and fits into your budget and lifestyle.

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Outdoor patio furniture can come in many styles and arrangements. The best outdoor furniture materials are the ones that are weather resistant, sturdy and good looking.

Common outdoor patio furniture can include

  • Cast aluminum outdoor furniture
  • Wicker outdoor furniture
  • Wrought iron patio furniture
  • Resin outdoor patio furniture
  • Outdoor rugs
  • Patio cushions and soft furnishings

Outdoor Dining Furniture sets typically include a patio dining table, a set of 4 patio chairs and a patio umbrella. Other patio sets can include a love seat and chairs with matching side tables. Outdoor patio bar furniture can also liven up and outdoor space. If you are just getting started with your outdoor patio furniture a single patio bench is a good piece to begin with. Placed just right in the yard or patio it can become quite the back yard destination place.

My favorite piece of outdoor patio furniture is my hammock and hammock stand. They are perfect for spending a little time in the shade on a lazy summer day

Don’t forget outdoor patio cushions and outdoor rugs to add some of your personal style to your outdoor living space. There are lots of choices when it comes to patio cushions and rugs so don’t be shy.

Outdoor furniture covers are a good idea to have if you live in a climate where the weather changes often or if you don’t have covered storage for your outdoor patio furniture in the off season.

Resin Outdoor Patio Furniture

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Although it may not seem so at first but resin furniture is a great material for outdoor furniture.

You may have the opinion that this type of furniture is cheap and flimsy but what you might not know is that resin outdoor furniture is the latest trend and spreading fast.

The reason it became so popular is because of the advantages it offers over various other types and forms of garden furniture like wood or iron.

Its versatility is also used in a lot of different ways without having a bad effect.

Investing in furniture is an important decision since you would want to invest in a furniture built from a material that is durable, stylish and affordable, these are the qualities of this type of furniture.

Modern resin furniture is built to withstand the toughest of weather and also the effects of UV rays. In addition, for the environmentally conscious, it can also be made using 100% recycled plastic.

If you are considering the idea of buying pool side or patio furniture to sit under your pop up gazebo then resin outdoor patio furniture is an excellent choice. This type of furniture has often been considered over wood because it does not rot over a period of time and can be kept in wet weather as well.

Even after it is kept in the sun for long hours, it does not crack neither do UV rays affect them adversely. Like iron, it is sturdy but unlike iron, it is lightweight making it easy to move around and it does not rust.

However, plastic outdoor furniture is not flimsy; rather it is made from thick, recycled material often around a metal frame. It is abuse proof as it is designed to withstand markers, paint, jumping kids, spilled drinks etc.

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It can be used near pools or beaches, as it remains undamaged by salt water. It is also super easy to clean and can be cleaned even with bleach. This furniture can also be made to resemble natural wood; it is fade free and can match the outdoor décor to the home’s exterior. That is not all.

Resin outdoor patio furniture comes in a variety of colors such as teak, patina, white, natural and even flamingo, Caribbean blue and banana and with a wide variety of garden furniture cushions on the market you can just about have any look you could imagine.

For those who would like the quaint backyard feel of wicker furniture, resin wicker furniture is a great solution for a thrifty shopper as it resembles actual wicker and is only half its price. It is not just affordable but also easy to clean, weather resistant and immune to scratches. You do not have to worry about bringing the furniture inside when the weather gets too cold. This man made wicker furniture can survive the harshest winter and still look as great when the snow thaws.

So whether you are putting furniture on your seaside deck, garden or next to the pool, resin outdoor patio furniture is definitely an investment worth considering.

Outdoor Rugs

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Outdoor rugs are seldom used and are not even purchased by many homeowners. Many people don’t even know that such rugs exist. We are so focused on how our homes look from the inside that we dismiss many products that cater to the outside of our homes, outdoor rugs are a great example of this fact.

Do you know that warm feeling you have inside your home. The feeling of relaxing on your living room sofa with a beautiful rug in front of you. Well you can experience such a content feeling when you are hanging out outside on your patio. Adding a round outdoor rug to compliment your patio furniture would do wonders for comfort and appearance. Just imagine walking barefoot on large outdoor rugs during summer or spring.

You might however have reservations and worries because of maintaining and cleaning them. All weather outdoor rugs were specifically designed to be weatherproof. Yes they are even waterproof and some brands are better than others. Polypropylene outdoor are an example of rugs that can withstand snow, rain, dirt and even grass.

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Some outdoor rugs are more durable and can basically withstand anything that mother nature has to throw your way. Outdoor rugs also fall into two categories, handmade and machine made.

Handmade outdoor rugs are unique in that each one is completely different in style. You won’t find any two that are alike.

Machine made outdoor rugs are also very good and this is where you can find deals on discount outdoor rugs. So if you look hard enough you are bound to find a cheap outdoor rugs that are to your liking.

When it’s time buy your outdoor rug, you should research what you need exactly. Following the same design principles of the interior of your home is a good start. What I mean here is that the rug must be appropriate for the setting.

Choosing outdoor rugs is pretty much similar to choosing indoor rugs. Family rooms usually have a rug or carpet that is made to withstand abuse. While rugs for dining rooms are usually more expensive and gentle. The same principle will apply to the exterior of your home.

Researching the quality and brand is essential as is the fabrics and materials used. Also don’t buy large outdoor rugs if they are not necessary, perhaps a small or medium size round outdoor rugs would suffice for your patio. Plan out the area you want to place your rugs and take it from there. Always consider weather and the type of foot traffic that will walk and pass through them.